I like it hot.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My food that is... For those of you who know me in real life you know of my obsession with hot sauce and all things spicy, so it will come as no surprise that when I was approached by Cholula to do a review on their hot sauce I jumped at the opportunity. They were kind enough to send me four bottles of their hot sauces and let me tell you they did not disappoint. KS and I have used all four of them and they were wonderful. In my opinion they were not too spicy but they were big on flavor. KS thought they were spicier then I did but that is normal, it has to be really hot for me to pick up the spiciness.

I used their original to marinate my chicken for my special fried chicken that I make. I didn't have time to marinate it for the usual 12+ hours instead I only had 6 hours, but you wouldn't believe the flavor that came out in the chicken after it was fried! It was delicious and you couldn't even tell that I didn't get to marinate it for as long as I would have liked.

Out of all 4 of their flavors, Original, Chipotle, Chili Garlic, and Chili Lime my favorite would have to be Original with their Chili Garlic coming in a close second. KS and Kiale preferred their Chili Lime as did Cayleigh-Grace. Needless to say they have made a future customer out of my family, and my bottle of Original is already almost out.

If your not sure how you want to use their hot sauces go to their website and try out their awesome recipes. Their food looks mouthwatering and I cannot wait to try out their Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail, it looks delicious!

Summer is here!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My kids are being wild and crazy today and I am fixing to take them all to the grocery store.... I may have just lost my mind. Although, KS would argue that I lost my mind 10 years ago when we started dating and then I really lost it when we wed 8 years ago. I like to argue that I was brainwashed ;-) Summer is in full swing in the south the heat is rising and the humidity won't let anyone forget its sticky presence. The saying you could cut it like butter couldn't be closer to the truth. I was under the assumption that the further south you got the hotter and more humid the weather was.... well folks let me tell you I was WRONG (yes KS I just admitted that, and don't expect it to happen again) Not only are we more inland then our original home we are also further north. Neither of which matters when it comes to heat and humidity...  chalk that up to a lesson learned.

I have been away from blogland for the past month and I must say it was a much needed break, May was busy. We finished up with reintegration with KS, Kiale and Colin had graduations and end of they school year ceremonies, as well as the start of T-ball season for both boys. Cayleigh-Grace decided that she wanted to test out the "terrible twos" for a little while and I read... a lot. Eight books total in May, and we went back home for a few days this past weekend.

Life on post is going good except for one MAJOR issue... they closed the pools. Their are two pools on post, one indoor and one outdoor. The indoor pool has been closed for a couple of years now due to renovations and now they decided to close the outdoor pool as well, I cannot help but wonder how many years it is going to take them to build a new outdoor pool and splash pad if it has taken them over two years to just renovate the indoor pool. Needless to say my water bugs are ticked off and their Mamma is as well. We already have two blow up pools for the backyard but they are no where near as fun as a normal size pool with a giant slide... but we will deal.

I do have several bog posts coming up as well as a product review from my new favorite brand of hot sauce Cholula! (They are amazing folks, go get some and try it. You WILL love it.)  Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things and get some steady posts coming out of this blog again. It has been too long since I was on here regularly.

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