Peaceful Sick Baby

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well Cayleigh-Grace has her first major cold. She has had the cough that the boys have had for about a week now, they have had it for 2 weeks with finally some improvement. Her cough has now turned into coughing with nasty snot filled nose. I had cartoons on for the boys this morning and obviously she fell asleep while she was turning around to watch the cartoons. BTW that precious Ballet sleeper she is wearing is 12mos... my sweet girl is so big!

Here is what I walked into yesterday morning when I was trying to get the boys up for school.

Today is going to be a VERY busy day for me... if I ever quit blogging that is... I have to take down all of the cabinet doors in the kitchen and prime all of the doors and cabinets. Then I have to finish priming the last wall in the living room and prime the hallway, then I need to cut in a little bit and prime some of the edges and the overhang between the kitchen and dining room as well as the dining and living room. Then I have a baby shower and our local Miss High School pageant talent night that my sister is in... its going to be one heck of a day, but at least I should sleep good tonight... well as long as I don't have a crying sick baby to deal with like last night, but hey that goes with the territory.

Before Priming

Friday, February 27, 2009

Kindred Spirits

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cayleigh-Grace and Jackson

Chips and Dust

Well yesterday was a pretty eventful day, it started with a Field Trip to the potato chip factory that is located about 45min from our house. It was really neat, unfortunately I forgot my camera and Kiale's scanner is broken down with the remodel going on so I cannot scan the pictures that Colin's teacher took for me, but I can say that the kids loved it. We are actually going back in a couple of weeks to take Colin's birthday pictures out there they had tons of antique tractors and other farm equipment so its the perfect setting for his pictures. He loves ANYTHING John Deere or tractors!

After the field trip we headed to Lowe's to pick up a piano hinge and some insulation. I also picked out my lighting fixture for my dinning room, since the current one that we have in there is older than me! (and not in a good way)

Uncle Jimmy also came by and worked on my laundry room, it looks amazing!! He totally blew away my expectations on how it would look. I am still in awe over it!

Here is a current picture of my sweet Zoe, she is getting so big! I will take a picture of Jackson today if I think about it, but for now its off to clean out a closet and pack up Kiale's desk! I have to get my house clean and functional before I go bonkers!!

One more thing, I ordered samples of tile to put up in the kitchen, hopefully I will have them in in the next couple of days and I will show them to you!

3 Sweets in 1 Special Hat

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thankfully I have 2 outfits that all three of my children have worn, this is the second and last outfit. If you want to see the first one it is here. I fell in love with this hat the first time I layed eyes on it, I hope you all will like it too.

Kiale Jr.

Colin Hunter

So here is my question, who does Cayleigh-Grace look like more, Kiale or Colin? Leave your answer in a comment on this post. I want to see what everyone's opinions are.

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not love finding this sweet girl peaking at me when I went to get her up from her nap yesterday.
I did not spend hours and days backing up all of my photos on my computer onto Snapfish.

am not paranoid that something will happen to my computer and I will loose all of my pictures.

am not beyond excited about painting and putting the floors down in the house this week.

am not slightly dreading putting out fence up today or tomorrow, that is not going to be tons of work.

was not frustrated when both of my boys came home with bad reports from school this past week.

was not incredibly saddened when a 19 year old from our town was killed by a freak accident on Tuesday, it did not remind me of when my cousin was killed when we were 16. I did not feel as if I was reliving Chris's death even though I didn't even know this boy. (He was my sister's friend's fiance)

I would never take lots of pictures of a typical Sunday in my house...
I have not gotten a wonderful 4 nights of sleep since my wonderful 5 month old is not finally sleeping 12 hours a night without waking! In her own bed in her room.

I did not let Big Kiale give Cayleigh-Grace a peppermint stick Sunday just to see what she would do with it.
She did not like it at all!

Remodel Update 2-21

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Here are the pictures from everything that Uncle Jimmy and Kiale did today. Kiale thinks that he is Uncle Jimmy's helper.

Here is what KS is working on, my Laundry room, unfortunately I did not get a picture before he ripped out the cabinets and emptied them onto my washer and dryer. I cannot complain though b/c he is totally redoing my laundry room. I am going to be so happy when its done, and I can finally get rid of the wood paneling that I HATE!

I halfway don't want to put any pictures up here since you all can see what a mess my house is right now, but if you have ever been through any sort of a remodel you understand why its such a mess.

Time Magazine article on VBACs - Must Read!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Trouble With Repeat Cesareans

The Trouble With Repeat Cesareans By Pamela Paul Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009
To avoid another C-section, Barton has to drive 100 miles to deliver in Los Angeles.
Amanda Friedman for TIME

Click Here

"When the problems with multiple C-sections start to mount, we're going to look back and say, 'Oh, does anyone still know how to do VBAC?'" (excerpt from article)

100th Post!!

Yeah! Today is my 100th post! Very neat, but anyways, I think I should hang a "Pardon our Dust" sign in the house right now. Mainly just for the laugh factor, well I think it would be funny. Here are the before and after photos for everything that Uncle Jimmy and I did yesterday. Granted all I did was pull all the strips and baseboards off the walls, but hey that's helping right? My Uncle Jimmy has been doing drywall since before I was born. He is so good at it too, all his work is wonderful, and by the time he is through everything is perfect!

Before Uncle Jimmy

After Uncle Jimmy

The kids have started something new this week, and it is so sweet. As soon as the boys get home from school they all rush into Cayleigh-Grace's room, I sit her on the floor and they sit in there and play. That is what their nights and afternoons consist of lately, playing with their sister. It is so wonderful and special to me to be able to see them playing like that, I love it. The coolest part is that they are all actually playing together. It is so wonderful to see all of your kids like that.
Guess who slept ALL the way through the night? Cayleigh-Grace managed to sleep from 7:30 last night (through Uncle Jimmy working on the walls) until 7:30 this morning. I panicked when the alarm clock went of because I noticed she wasn't in bed with us. I jumped up and went straight into her room and just stared at her until I could see her chest rising and falling. I hate that scared feeling... Thankfully she woke up shortly after I walked in her room, because boy was I full...

Today will be spent with removing more seams and baseboards off of the walls. Packing up all of my books and putting my bookshelf into the garage until we get the porch totally finished. (we are turning it from a screened porch into an actual finished room and part of the house) Then I need to take the remaining pictures off of the walls, and possibly go and pick up our paint today, although I might end up doing that this weekend or Monday. I am also going to try to find fabric for our curtains today as well. I am so excited about finishing the porch, we have a huge 16X11 (if not a little bigger) screened in porch that we have never used. It has always been where all of the random stuff goes, basically our catch all. Now it is going to be our computer/sewing room. It is going to be so nice to actually use it for something productive!! (well it will be nice to just use it period) Kiale is going to be starting on "my fence," basically its a fence for just the font yard and it will encase the front of our entire house. Later I am going to be making raised planting beds for most of the yard within the fence.

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