Wild Bush Children

Monday, February 16, 2009

Well today was interesting to say the least. My mother-in-law came down today so I was expecting a relaxing day with her actually getting to spend some time with the kids... well needless to say I was partially right with my assumption of how the day would go. Those of you who have or have had children around the 5 year mark know what I mean when I say that my kids went for normal mainly well behaved children to crazy bush children who had to of abducted my kids... or just possessed their bodies. My two boys were literally bouncing off of the walls and the couches. They would not listen to anything I was saying when I was trying to calm them down. Kiale's mom seemed to enjoy the craziness... but boy I sure didn' t. They were showing off like crazy! I just do not understand it seems with each visitor that comes to our house that does not come over very often it just gets worse and worse. You would not believe how they were not listening to me... Any ideas as to when this wonderful and ever so enjoyable phase will unpossess my children... although by the time the boys are out of it then Cayleigh-Grace will be possessed... wonderful. I am soo excited... cant you tell?


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