Colin's Birthday Cupcakes/ School Party

Monday, March 30, 2009

Well Cayleigh-Grace and I took cupcakes up to the school today for Colin's birthday. All of the kids really enjoyed them. I let them decorate the cupcakes and put their icing and sprinkles on themselves. It just makes it a little funner for the kids to be able to decorate the cupcakes themselves.

Its over...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I cannot believe that the weekend is over already, it was a long weekend even with the boys being out of school on Friday and it still flew by. We really did have a nice relaxing weekend though. I am really looking forward to the upcoming week, the boys have 4.5 days of school left and then its Spring Break!! I cannot wait to have the boys home during the week. All I can say is lake here we come, I am so ready for bikini weather to get here and stay. Lord let the weather be good... I might go crazy if its not. Rainy weather and kids copped up inside just don't mix very well. The boys have been so hyped up the past few days, it just seems like they have an endless source of energy. They have been playing well together this weekend. Earlier in the week they just were not getting along at all... they sounded like my sisters... constantly bickering and at each other throats, just not quite with their severity.

A wonderful birthday

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well I have to admit I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. Kiale surprised me with two plants and a Cocker Spaniel cup and note pad/pen holder which I love! They Cockers on them look exactly like Zoe. I love our Cockers so much, they truly are just the sweetest dogs, and there gorgeous too. I spent the entire day with the kids yesterday since they were out of school, and I had been putting off going to WallyWorld all day since it was supposed to rain. So when I finally did go and we were ready to leave what do I hear... ultimate downpour... needless to stay we walked around Walmart for another hour almost. I have to admit I was a little annoyed though, they didn't have the Twilight book... they didn't have it at the library when I went either. Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on it soon I cannot wait to read it. We had lasagna for dinner last night. Which is one of my favorite dinners to have, and you just cannot beat the big red box!! Stoffers makes the best, especially since I didn't feel like trashing my kitchen to make it. The kids were great all day, dinner was awesome, and any time with Kiale I love so over all it was a wonderful day!
I figured I would share with you the other side of our sweet Cayleigh-Grace... needless to say she did not want to be put in her exersaucer... I thought it was kinda cute though, LOUD but cute! She doesn't really cry all that much, but the girl sure can SCREAM!!
I also finally got a good pic of Colin and Cayleigh-Grace and Colin actually wanted me to take his picture!! Notice how he is wearing his favorite shirt again, if its clean it on him, and if it isn't clean he is asking me to wash it so he can wear it again.

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

That's right everyone, today is my birthday, 24 years ago today Dr. Cotter delivered me and said to my parents, "You have a Dimpled Darling" I cannot believe that I am 24 already, man have I already accomplished a lot in such a short period of time. I have been blessed to have met the love of my life at 15, and we have since been together for 8 years with no "breaks" as they call them. Its funny, I looked at Kiale the other day and I said you know, we started dating when I was 15 and here it is that I am fixing to turn 24... do you realize how long that is!!?? He just smiled he usual smile and said yea, what was I thinking. The past six years of my life has been spent as a married woman, and boy have they been interesting, as well as a bit of a roller coaster at times. I have been blessed to have had 3 pregnancies with 3 wonderful live births with no complications. While I may not have fulfilled other peoples dreams for me to go off to College and become "successful" I have fulfilled my dreams, and that's all that really matters anyway. Who knows what the future will hold for me, I'm only 24 and I have so much life left to live, I still see myself working in midwifery at some point if not as a midwife than as a childbirth educator and or doula/lactation consultant. As my favorite poem goes, "and I have taken the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." I cannot wait to see what the next 24 years holds in store for me.
Me shortly after birth
My "Rocky" picture... I have always been a... KLUTZ!! (9mos)
Daddy's favorite picture of me (19mos)
Mom and Me (2years)
With Daddy, not sure how old probably 3ish
Senior Picture

Baby Isaac is here!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My cousin had her sweet baby boy on Tuesday the 24th at 10:35pm. He weighed in at 9lbs 12oz, 21 1/4in. and with a 15in head circumference! This was her first baby so she is starting out big!! He wasn't due until the 4th... he would have given Cayleigh-Grace a run for her money if he was term to see who was going to be bigger! Thankfully she was able to deliver him the good old fashioned way!! Congrats Kelli and Cody!! I cannot wait to meet him!!

Good Morning

Kiale and Cayleigh-Grace

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I just LOVE this picture and I had to share!!


Boy have I been up to quite a bit of stuff the past few days.

Saturday was spent watching Twilight, not once and not twice but three times... man I love that movie!! I will be purchasing the books quite soon as well. If the movie was that good the books have to be wonderful. After watching the movie I took my sister Holly out to lunch, and then to Joann's for some fabric shopping. I am going to be making her 3 skirts for church. Following the fabric shopping I took her to the Family Christian Book Store and bought her her Bible and Bible cover for her belated birthday present. Lunch was great, just way to short. We didn't realize that the restaurant closed at 2:00... we got there at 1:50... but oh well that just gives us an excuse to go again.

On Sunday I enjoyed a wonderful prebirthday birthday party for myself at my parents house. It was nice and peaceful and just wonderful. Thanks Mom!! My awesome family loaded me up on new Vera Bradley stuff for the beach and lake this summer! Now the water just needs to warm up.
Monday was spent halfway relaxing with Cayleigh-Grace and the other half was spent getting ready to sew my first quilt. I organised and cut all of the strips and created the blocks for my quilt that I sewed literally ALL day Tuesday but the results are wonderful!! I love it!! Now I just have to purchase the border backing and and batting, cut and sew them on and I will be done with my first quilt!!
Yesterday was also spent helping the boys go through all of their toys to give away to Good Will. They ended up with a very large box full of toys, books, and stuffies to give away. Now I get to finish going through everything and then drop them all off today. We do this a couple of times a year and the boys really like doing it, because this way they say that kids that don't have toys will now get to enjoy theirs. I am trying to make sure that my kids are raised with a giving heart, and I am hoping that by doing this it will get me to my goal with them.

Cayleigh-Grace has changed a bit in the past week, she seems to go through these spurts where she has just boundless energy. Its crazy. She kicks her legs around and jumps (well sorta) and just seems to have energy and excitement coming out her ears. She reminds me a lot of my youngest sister Holly who has always had just an endless source of energy. All I have to say is look out Toni, she's coming to you to focus her energy in good creative places as soon as possible if this keeps up!! She saw a friend of mines little girl Daisy who is two weeks younger than her yesterday, and you would not believe how excited she got. She was practically trying to jump out of my arms she was waving and bouncing around so much. I cannot believe how big she is getting...
Kiale and Colin are doing great, they are off of school on Friday so I am going to find something fun for us all to go and do. Colin wants to go spend his birthday money so I am sure a trip to OP is in store for us. I am so proud of those two, they are such amazing and wonderful kids. Even if they cannot clean there room without it taking at least three hours... and that's without it even being that messy they just get so distracted constantly... it drives me crazy but oh well that's kids for ya!

Well I think I am all caught up on everything... wait, please continue to pray for Baby Stellan he is still fighting for his life while his heart races well above 200bpm. We all know a heart cannot run forever at that rate, and nothing they do has been able to get it down to a normal rage of a 4 month old and stay down. It always shoots right back up.
Prayers for Stellan

No Not me Monday!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I was planning on my usual not me Monday, but our thoughts and prayers need to be elsewhere right now. MckMama the blogger that I do Not Me Monday with is in the hospital right now with her 4 month old son while he fights for his life due to SVT. If you want more info go here, but PLEASE keep them in your prayers today. She already almost lost him due to the same heart condition while she was pregnant with him. God healed him then, lets pray that he will heal him agian.

Wild Olive

Thursday, March 19, 2009

If you are always thinking of creative ways to witness this is for you. I was blog surfing (imagine that...) and I stumbled across this website and blog. It is awesome, they have wonderful catchy tees that have verses on the back. They are so creative. You really should go check them out, they even donate 10% of their proceeds to Christian based Charities, and they have free shipping though the end of March. I think I know what I would like to get for myself for my birthday...
Wild Olive Tees

Bye Bye!

I love this video of Cayleigh-Grace that I took yesterday. I don't even know how many times I have watched it at this point. Babies just amaze me so much, they learn so much in those first few months of life. Isn't her little sweater cute? Its definitely a keeper!

She is eating so good now. She has one jar of 2nd stage baby food for lunch and one jar for dinner. She eats every bite too, and she seems to really be enjoying it. She is actually getting some hair back now, I am so excited!! She still looks bald, but if you rub her head it is so fuzzy.

Random Videos to Enjoy

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jackson's Crazy Tickle Spots

Bath Time

Remodel Update 3-17

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Well here is the rest of the house pictures:

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