A wonderful birthday

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Well I have to admit I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. Kiale surprised me with two plants and a Cocker Spaniel cup and note pad/pen holder which I love! They Cockers on them look exactly like Zoe. I love our Cockers so much, they truly are just the sweetest dogs, and there gorgeous too. I spent the entire day with the kids yesterday since they were out of school, and I had been putting off going to WallyWorld all day since it was supposed to rain. So when I finally did go and we were ready to leave what do I hear... ultimate downpour... needless to stay we walked around Walmart for another hour almost. I have to admit I was a little annoyed though, they didn't have the Twilight book... they didn't have it at the library when I went either. Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on it soon I cannot wait to read it. We had lasagna for dinner last night. Which is one of my favorite dinners to have, and you just cannot beat the big red box!! Stoffers makes the best, especially since I didn't feel like trashing my kitchen to make it. The kids were great all day, dinner was awesome, and any time with Kiale I love so over all it was a wonderful day!
I figured I would share with you the other side of our sweet Cayleigh-Grace... needless to say she did not want to be put in her exersaucer... I thought it was kinda cute though, LOUD but cute! She doesn't really cry all that much, but the girl sure can SCREAM!!
I also finally got a good pic of Colin and Cayleigh-Grace and Colin actually wanted me to take his picture!! Notice how he is wearing his favorite shirt again, if its clean it on him, and if it isn't clean he is asking me to wash it so he can wear it again.


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