Its over...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

I cannot believe that the weekend is over already, it was a long weekend even with the boys being out of school on Friday and it still flew by. We really did have a nice relaxing weekend though. I am really looking forward to the upcoming week, the boys have 4.5 days of school left and then its Spring Break!! I cannot wait to have the boys home during the week. All I can say is lake here we come, I am so ready for bikini weather to get here and stay. Lord let the weather be good... I might go crazy if its not. Rainy weather and kids copped up inside just don't mix very well. The boys have been so hyped up the past few days, it just seems like they have an endless source of energy. They have been playing well together this weekend. Earlier in the week they just were not getting along at all... they sounded like my sisters... constantly bickering and at each other throats, just not quite with their severity.


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