Not Me! Monday

Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did not totally skip out on Not Me Monday! last week since I was not three blogs behind where I wanted to be and I was not feeling totally overwhelmed to get them up before I forgot them.

I was not surprised for some strange reason on Monday when I got home and did not even get a chance to get Cayleigh-Grace out of her car seat before the school called to tell me that Colin had got sick and I needed to come pick him up.

I then did not relish in the fact that I had a day with my two youngest kids alone and without their big brother. Whom I love dearly but its just nice to spend time with them alone too.

I did not go to OP on Tuesday with full intentions of having a nice relaxing day with me, myself, and I (plus Cayleigh-Grace), only to get another call from the school at 10 :30 while I was at Lowe's saying that Kiale was coughing really bad and they were wondering if I wanted to come pick him up. I did not then go on to explain that I was in OP (30-40 in away from said school and home) and could not come pick him up. I would not be totally selfish and just say to give him a cough drop because I would never be dying for some me time to just relax and enjoy our wonderful weather and to do some shopping therapy. I would never do something like that. I then did not feel guilty at the end of my therapy session because I made Kiale stay at school while he was coughing bad.

I did not get ecstatic when I saved $10 on my Swiffer sweep & vac on said therapy session either. One $5 coupon plus a 15% off one item at Babies-R-Us really comes in handy sometimes!! To make a $30 item only $20!!

I then did not go on following Lowe's, and Babies-R-Us to Joanne's only to realize I was in fabric heaven. I did not spend 2 hours looking at all of the different fabric, and finally falling in love with some awesome pear and apple fabric, by Alexander Henry for my kitchen valance. I would not be planning on also using it to embellish some plain kitchen towels or to make hot pot holders with it either.
I would not be totally addicted to fabric, and I would never spend hours during the week gazing at fabric on line dreaming of all the things I could make with it.

I did not wake up on a mission Wednesday morning wanting to make my valance for the kitchen and I did not get it done in an hour and would never totally love it and be so proud of myself for making it!

I was not amazed at Little Kiale on Thursday morning when he told me that he had "bad poo poos" and they came "sliding out" and he had to lay down on the bathroom floor. I really could not believe that he did not wake me up or anything during the night to tell me that he was sick. I then did not keep him from school on Thursday as well as Friday since he was running a fever as well as his upset stomach.

I did not have a WONDERFUL weekend celebrating my sweet Hunter Bug's (Colin's) 4th birthday my baby boy is quickly becoming my big baby boy!


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