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Friday, April 30, 2010

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I am Charity. My husband, KS, and I have been married for 7 years now and together for 9. We have been living the Army life for about 6 months now and we just did our first PCS out west to rejoin my husband while he attends school. We have three amazing kids, Kiale who is 6 1/2, Colin who is 5, and Cayleigh-Grace who will be turning 20 months on Monday. We also have two lazy dogs Zoe our Cocker Spaniel, and Emi our Miniature Pinscher. 

If you take a look around my blog you will see a series I have done called "Labor Views," it follows along with my views and aspirations to one day become a Midwife. My husband has chosen this career for the long haul so maybe in 20 years or so I will get a chance to accomplish my goals. Right now all I want to do is enjoy my husband while I have him home and raise my kids right in this crazy world. I also love to sew and read.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

I will have to admit Easter turned out great here. I was really worried about how our first holiday away from our families would turn out. Thankfully thanks to friends and 2 wonderful Easter egg hunts it went really well. Both of the boys had Easter egg hunts at school and then we went to one of the two egg hunts here on base.

Colin's School Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Egg hunt here on base, unfortunately I was not able to get pictures of the boys b/c they had their hunts in two different locations, and I have yet to figure out how to be in two places at the same time.

Cayleigh-Grace would not go near the Easter bunny but she did wave to him a lot and she kept saying "Bye Bye." This is the first year I have not done official Easter bunny pictures and I am very sad not to have it but I did not want a repeat of Christmas and Cayleigh-Grace screaming her head off. Maybe next year.

I cant have an Easter post without a picture of the kids dying their Easter eggs. I went for the less mess this year and bought a kit that you just rub the eggs in the sparkly dye. They boys loved it and Cayleigh-Grace just napped through it. That was one giant mess I just did not want to deal with


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Normally her hair is very straight but I couldn't' help but take a picture of the sweet little curl she woke up with this morning. This girl managed to sleep in until 10:20 this morning, now why cant she sleep in this late on the weekends!?


Monday, April 19, 2010

Since it has been so quiet around here lately and I have so many new followers I figured I would do a Q/A segment. So if there has ever been anything you wanted to ask, well ask away!! I will answer them later this week.

Time Flies & a new blog!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Well it has been a month today since we signed on our house, and if I am going to be honest the homesickness has hit head on. It is very lonely here for me. Don't get me wrong I love this place and I love being with my husband again but I am also very lonely. Well as lonely as you can get with 3 kids running around and making 3 trips to the school each day. It is just very quiet around here, I guess I was just expecting to actually see and hear people throughout the day but in reality I am surrounded by other houses and families but I never see anyone. It is really bizarre. I miss my friends and my family back home, and I miss all the wonderful girls I spent 9 weeks talking to and pouring my heart out to while all of our husbands were going through basic training together. We made a seperate blog to keep together its called, Our Soldiers Make Us Sisters, and you can find it by clicking on the name. We haven't been active with it yet but now that everyone is settled again I am hoping we can get it up and running. We are finally 100% unpacked minus I mirror I cannot figure out where to place and a box that I repacked that is full of stuff I just don't want out since we will be moving again in 6 months.

Being with KS again is wonderful and hard all at the same time, we are going through the adjustment phase of bringing our family all under one roof again and it hasn't been without its bickering. Nothing major just little spats here and there. He was already a very quiet and inside person to begin with and it seems that going through BCT has just made him even quieter which does not help things. Its almost as if he has learned to exist and cope without us and he doesn't know how to act with us here  27/7 now. All I know is that I need interaction and attention and its like I am having to fight for it and pull it out of him. I know sound like a 5 year old right... oh well its how I feel. I am sure some of you will understand, at least I hope you will. The kids are all recovering from fevers thankfully Colin and Cayleigh-Grace's only lasted 24 hours, Kiale's on the other hand has lasted double that and he has been out of school for the past 2 days. I am hoping that he will be able to return tomorrow but I am not 100% sure on that. I would hate to make any of the other student's sick. I have begun basically doing home-school here on top of them going to school since I am not at all happy with their PreK and in my honest opinion taking Colin to school is a waste of gas money but KS wants me to keep him in just to give myself a break if nothing else, and I agree so off he will go. Don't get me wrong the school here is nice it just isn't anywhere near as good as their previous school back home was.

Well I guess that is enough for today. Have a wonderful day everyone, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

Weekend Ramblings

Sunday, April 11, 2010

This weekend has be wonderful and amazingly relaxing. Know what we have done? .... nothing. Well aside from driving around and exploring the town today with a little shopping added in. Colin had a fever on Friday so he didn't get to go to school and then Saturday Cayleigh-Grace was running the fever, her's got up to a 104.3 which for her age is never a good thing. It always worries us but she enjoyed it since she was able to take a 20 minute bath b/c of it. Thankfully both of their fevers only lasted 24 hours. KS and I have been playing scrabble on the PSP that his old roommate gave him. The guy was so sweet he gave KS the PSP, speakers, and everything else that he had to go with it just b/c he got the new one. All three of the kids got new shoes today, I cannot believe that Cayleigh-Grace is already wearing a size 6 the boys weren't in that size until they were over two, but considering her size I guess she is right on track. The boys are in size 10.5 and 11.5. For a 5 and 6 year old they really do have small feet, but so do KS and I. My sisters on the other had... well that is another story (love you girls! ;-p ) I did get a new dress and sports bra today and KS got a few new shirts. I have been trying to hit the gym at least somewhat regularly lately, I went on Friday and biked 8 miles and walked 2 miles. Kiale even walked up to the gym with me on Friday and all the way back, they have a Family Fit room where you can bring your children, it was so nice to walk up there. It is almost a mile to the gym from our house. I will be going back tomorrow and I cannot wait. I have really been enjoying my time there. Well I guess that is about it. Army Wives comes on in 20 minutes and I cannot wait KS and I will be glued to the TV once again every Sunday night at that special hour. Time to get the kids in bed and try to steal the PSP out of KS's grip, its my turn to play... I just need to convince him of that. Oh and Cayleigh-Grace is cutting her 2 year molars, let me tell you she has been all sorts of "fun" today in a VERY not so fun kind of way.

Eggs & 19 Month Olds...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Note to self, eggs + a 19 month old who can open the refrigerator and get out whatever she wants just doesn't mix very well...

It ends up being a nasty mess and a very freaked out little girl who has slime all over her shoes and pants. Not to mention the slime all over my carpet and kitchen floor. Thankfully Kiale caught her before she made even more of a mess, but unfortunately instead of keeping her in the kitchen and only having a mess in there he decided to bring here up the stairs while carrying her and then proceed to almost fall backwards down the stairs while still holding her after loosing his balance. Thankfully I was able to get to them in time before they both took quite a tumble. New rule, well same old rule really just more enforced now... DO NOT CARRY THE BABY UP OR DOWN THE STAIRS. I think I need to go buy one of those locks for my refrigerator now...

Looking Back & House Pictures

Thursday, April 8, 2010

 *Okay I am a total slacker, I wrote this on April 1st and then forgot to post/finish it. Sorry!*

Looking back on March I cannot believe everything that I have been able to accomplish... From the time KS graduated to the day we moved was exactly 3 weeks. On family day we were prepared to live at our old home until June and then move but as of Graduation evening we were going to move ASAP and that is exactly what we did. I even threw in Colin's 5th birthday party and MAJOR cleaning into those crazy and hectic 3 weeks. I cannot believe that I was able to get us moved without KS... that is where my AWESOME and AMAZING family came into play. They busted there butts helping me clean and fill up a 20 yard dumpster full of junk as well as patching and fixing up some loose ends around my house. If it wasn't for them we would never have made it here so quick. (Thank you all!!!) We celebrated my 25th birthday on the 27th of March. A bunch of KS's buddies from BCT came over and we watched the UFC fight and enjoyed BBQ chicken and nachos. For me it was a wonderful birthday, nothing like celebrating by having a bunch of friends over to enjoy the day with you. Here we are, its the 1st of April and I still wake up some mornings in disbelief about where our lives have taken us. It is amazing to think that just a year ago the Army was just a thought and a possibility now is our reality and future.

Living Room
Dining Room
I will post more pics as soon as I get the rooms finished.

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