2 Year old checkup.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cayleigh-Grace had her two year old checkup last week. As expected she is healthy as a horse and right on target if not ahead of schedule developmentally. She weights 31lbs and 1oz now and is 34.92" tall. She was behind on her immunizations since I had skipped her 18 month shots and checkup all together while we were at KS's school; so I went ahead and have the lady give her one of the 3 shots she needed. I refuse to allow them to give her all of her shots at one time. We do one shot a visit and then we space the visits 2-3 weeks apart so her body has time to recover between immunizations. The only time we allowed her to get all of them at one appointment she ended up in the hospital with 2 bags of IV fluid in her. It was a nightmare, and although it has been a year since it happened it is still something that is very fresh in my mind. She freaked out during the height and weight check, screaming like a banshee! She started screaming again whenever the doctor would get near her, she didn't trust them or what they were doing at all, and yet when the lady was giving her her shot all she said was owie! Go figure.
Waiting on the doctor to come and check her out.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We celebrated Oktoberfest on Post here a few weekends ago. The kids had so much fun, and I loved seeing how thrilled they were to ride rides for the first time. KS and I had never taken the kids to any sort of fair before; KS does not trust the rides at all and thinks that it is all just a waist of money. I on the other hand love the rides... but I do agree with the money part. We shelled out $20 for tickets and then bought a funnel cake for moi, and a jumbo cotton candy bag for the kiddos... and me. It was so worth every penny, the kids got to ride 3 rides and were able to pig out on the yummy snacks. They had German food, Folk dancing, and German music while we were there as well. Overall a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to go again next year.
The view from the top.
She kept trying to find the boys and I but each time KS would point us out to her she wouldn't see us.
I tried to get Kiale to pose for another picture with me but he refused.
Their first roller coaster.
The dad that was riding this with them made sure they had a blast. Their bear was twirling more then any of the others.
Our shadow family picture.


People are driving me CRAZY. As parents we spend 9 months or even more in some cases picking out names for our children, and we don't sign that birth certificate until we have the names just right. So why is it so hard for people to respect what you name your children and actually call them by their LEGAL first names, and not an abbreviation of their names???? I have asked my family and certain friends repeatedly to call my daughter by her first name, Cayleigh-Grace. Yes when spelling it out it is long, but when you are saying it. Not so much. It has three syllables just like my name does, and it takes no longer to say then my name does either. You pronounce it as one name with no pause in between. I do not understand why it is so hard for people to call her by her correct name, I do not like the name Cayleigh by itself when used for my daughter it just doesn't fit her and it isn't right. So once again, I am asking you to PLEASE do not call my daughter Cayleigh, it drive KS and I nuts and Cayleigh-Grace will usually look at you like she doesn't know who you are talking to, because we only call her Cayleigh-Grace, Gracie, or Grace but NEVER Cayleigh. So I guess what I am getting at is do not call my daughter Cayleigh. Thank you... rant over.

Bullet Points...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Why bullet points? I am too lazy right now to do even a half decent and well thought out blog post. Sorry.

*Potty Training took 1 week & night time doesn't count :)
*We are now the proud owners of 1 pack of Tinkerbell and 1 pack of Hello Kitty big girl panties.
*Made a trip to Ikea weekend before last, I am in LOVE!! Not to mention we made it out of there with $300 less in our bank account, but 5 dinning chairs, 2 dressers, and 4 awesome clear containers for my kitchen richer.
*Went to Oktoberfest the day before our Ikea trip, the boys road a kids roller coaster, the Fares wheel, and the twirl bears all for the first time. This was also all three of the kids first trip to any type of fair.
*We have drove all around looking at 6 different cars the within the past 2 weeks, plus KS has spent countless hours surfing the internet looking for a cheap car to get him from the house to work and back with no luck so far.
*Took the kids to the unit Halloween festival this weekend, they came back with their faces painted and their hair two different colors.
*Think I made a new friend! Very excited about this one, still miss all my girls though!!
*Bought another pantry for the kitchen, and ordered the fabric for the kitchen curtains and the fabric for the bathroom/laundry room downstairs.
*Kiale is finally catching up to where he should be for the schools here, and Colin is doing great and right on target.
*Homework takes FOREVER every night.
*Pictures and a halfway decent (at least) blog post coming very soon. I hope. ;-)

The Downstairs and 2 Year Old FUN...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Well here it is, my downstairs is finally finished... well for the most part.
I had left our downstairs bathroom/laundry room door open earlier this morning and I noticed that Cayleigh-Grace had disappeared in there. The worst part... she was quiet. Anyone with kids knows that silence means trouble, and she didn't disappoint.

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