2 Year old checkup.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cayleigh-Grace had her two year old checkup last week. As expected she is healthy as a horse and right on target if not ahead of schedule developmentally. She weights 31lbs and 1oz now and is 34.92" tall. She was behind on her immunizations since I had skipped her 18 month shots and checkup all together while we were at KS's school; so I went ahead and have the lady give her one of the 3 shots she needed. I refuse to allow them to give her all of her shots at one time. We do one shot a visit and then we space the visits 2-3 weeks apart so her body has time to recover between immunizations. The only time we allowed her to get all of them at one appointment she ended up in the hospital with 2 bags of IV fluid in her. It was a nightmare, and although it has been a year since it happened it is still something that is very fresh in my mind. She freaked out during the height and weight check, screaming like a banshee! She started screaming again whenever the doctor would get near her, she didn't trust them or what they were doing at all, and yet when the lady was giving her her shot all she said was owie! Go figure.
Waiting on the doctor to come and check her out.


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