Wednesday, October 27, 2010

People are driving me CRAZY. As parents we spend 9 months or even more in some cases picking out names for our children, and we don't sign that birth certificate until we have the names just right. So why is it so hard for people to respect what you name your children and actually call them by their LEGAL first names, and not an abbreviation of their names???? I have asked my family and certain friends repeatedly to call my daughter by her first name, Cayleigh-Grace. Yes when spelling it out it is long, but when you are saying it. Not so much. It has three syllables just like my name does, and it takes no longer to say then my name does either. You pronounce it as one name with no pause in between. I do not understand why it is so hard for people to call her by her correct name, I do not like the name Cayleigh by itself when used for my daughter it just doesn't fit her and it isn't right. So once again, I am asking you to PLEASE do not call my daughter Cayleigh, it drive KS and I nuts and Cayleigh-Grace will usually look at you like she doesn't know who you are talking to, because we only call her Cayleigh-Grace, Gracie, or Grace but NEVER Cayleigh. So I guess what I am getting at is do not call my daughter Cayleigh. Thank you... rant over.


JG said...

:) My mom has only just accepted that I go by an abbreviation of my name - which I started doing 13 years ago! But you're right. You call a kid what their parents call them, unless the kids says, "No, I prefer _____."

Dusty, Kimmy and Niran said...

Haha, I never thought about calling her Cayleigh! It doesn't sound right to me even =D I've never mentioned her that way either. And I feel the same way. Our girl's name will be 1 of two ways even though I know people will pull the 3rd way. And the only people allowed to give Niran the Thai pronuciation is the Thai family. I usually make a comment when people try doing that and shouldn't be. We gave him the American pronunciation for a reason. Rant away!!!

Kelli said...

LOL, sorry but I had to chuckle...That's ridiculous. I think it's just people being people honestly. No one ever shortens Kevin's name. Occasionally they will call him Kev but not all the time, so it doesn't really register, it seems more like an occasional nickname. But for some reason several people have determined that they should call Cheyenne, Chey. I mean, what is that?? Honestly, laziness. It's pretty bad when as a people we have become so obesely lazy that we can't even say a full FIRST name...I mean you are not asking that they address your children formally by first, middle, last name and suffix....LOL...geee, rant over ;-)

Maranda said...

LOL! You go girl!!!

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