Bullet Points...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Why bullet points? I am too lazy right now to do even a half decent and well thought out blog post. Sorry.

*Potty Training took 1 week & night time doesn't count :)
*We are now the proud owners of 1 pack of Tinkerbell and 1 pack of Hello Kitty big girl panties.
*Made a trip to Ikea weekend before last, I am in LOVE!! Not to mention we made it out of there with $300 less in our bank account, but 5 dinning chairs, 2 dressers, and 4 awesome clear containers for my kitchen richer.
*Went to Oktoberfest the day before our Ikea trip, the boys road a kids roller coaster, the Fares wheel, and the twirl bears all for the first time. This was also all three of the kids first trip to any type of fair.
*We have drove all around looking at 6 different cars the within the past 2 weeks, plus KS has spent countless hours surfing the internet looking for a cheap car to get him from the house to work and back with no luck so far.
*Took the kids to the unit Halloween festival this weekend, they came back with their faces painted and their hair two different colors.
*Think I made a new friend! Very excited about this one, still miss all my girls though!!
*Bought another pantry for the kitchen, and ordered the fabric for the kitchen curtains and the fabric for the bathroom/laundry room downstairs.
*Kiale is finally catching up to where he should be for the schools here, and Colin is doing great and right on target.
*Homework takes FOREVER every night.
*Pictures and a halfway decent (at least) blog post coming very soon. I hope. ;-)


Kathy said...

Sounds like things are rolling right along...Great news about the potty training! Hope you got some pictues of the kids at the fair! Take care...Kathy

JG said...

Wow, yay for short potty training! But then I guess you would be a pro by now. :)

Kelli said...

hooray for potty training!! That's fabulous!! And boo for homework =( Isn't it frustrating that they are gone all day and then they still have stuff to do when they come home?!? You would think they could manage all that while they have them all day long! And the worse part is that our kids are only elementary...it's only just begun :-/

Maranda said...

We've been potty training for a couple weeks now and are having trouble with #2. Everything else is great (even overnight) but can't get that part down. Any tips???

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