Kids Bedrooms

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We are in the process of redoing the kids bedrooms with new bedding and dressers so once that is all done and they are finished I will post the end result. This is what they look like right now though.

Kiale's Room

Colin's Room

Cayleigh-Grace's Room

100% DONE!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well, we finally did it we are 100% unpacked and getting settled in. Here are some pictures I took before the movers came and dropped off all of our HHG.

Kiale's Room
Cayleigh-Grace's Room
Master Bedroom
Colin's Room
Great Room



Friday, September 24, 2010

Internet... check!
Unpacked... 80%!
Like it here... understatement!
Pictures... as soon as I find my cable!

We are here!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Well we made it to GA! KS ended up driving straight through five states in 24 hours so we could go home and visit our family and friends for a couple of days. It was so nice being home for the first time in six months. We signed the lease on our 4 bedroom 2.5 bath yesterday, which also happened to be Kiale's 7th birthday. I cannot believe I have a seven year old already, it just seems do surreal. So far we love the house, the rooms are a little smaller then I was hoping for but it was what I was expecting in a 1556 sq ft house. I still haven't decided if we are going to have the boys share a bedroom and give them a playroom or split them up in separate rooms. About the only thing we have decided on is which bedrooms will go to the boys and which bedroom Cayleigh-Grace will have. The boys are getting the two smaller equal size rooms while CG will have the larger room with the larger closet The house is really nice and was just gutted and remodeled. My phone wont let me type anymore...

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Sweet Success

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today has gone off smoothly and without a hitch! The housing inspection went great and we were not charged extra for anything! Praise the Lord! We done and driving off base by 10am. Aside from having to say goodbye to our neighbors today has been great. KS has been doing all of the driving, which doesn't bother me at all since driving is by far not one of my favorite things to do. At this point we are still driving and we will continue to drive until we have gone through the current state we are in. Hope everyone has been having a great week.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Well, today has gone smoothly for the most part. Woke up took the boys to school, cleared out the living room and boys room and waited on the carpet shampooers to get here. They arrived 15 minutes late, but really it was no big deal, they finished the entire house within 2 hours. The big deal came as the guy was putting everything away. I had gone into the dinning room and closed the bi fold doors, then after I remembered I needed to put the blinds down for the inspection tomorrow I opened them up and walked towards the window only to hear a loud crash behind me. The bi fold door crashed into the door to our hot water heater closet. So I sit there fiddling with it for a couple of minutes trying to fix it to no avail. Thankfully the cleaner guy was still here so I walked out there and asked him if he hit or messed up the door and he said yea he caught it on his hose. So, I explained to him that it just crashed... he couldn't believe it. He came inside and tried to fix it but there was no fixing it, it was good and broke. I noticed that the maintenance crew was in the next housing so I had him come over and look at it. Thankfully it was no big deal since they are removing the doors after we leave anyway. My neighbor watched Cayleigh-Grace after the carpet cleaner left and I ran my errands today which was great. It was so nice to go and have three hours sans kids, even if I was cramming in 6 different stops into that short period of time. After I finished running all over creation I had thirty minutes to get home pick Cayleigh-Grace up and get to Kiale's school for cupcakes (his birthday is Tuesday) thankfully we made it there right at 2:30 with no time to spare. Kiale and his classmates really enjoyed the cupcakes even if the icing was falling off of them due to the insane heat here. After we got home I started washing the walls and getting the last little bit of stuffed cleaned up (which I am still not done with, dang bathrooms...) when KS said have you seen this yet?? I had no clue what he was talking about and I was not happy when I realized what it was. When the bi fold door fell it busted a hole in the water heater closet door, it is an almost perfect triangle hole from the corner of the door. Needless to say I was on the phone with maintenance immediately, they didn't have time to come out here and look at it today which sucks because our inspection is first thing in the morning. He is going to try and come out around 8 which would be fine since our inspection is around 10:00, and see if he can fix it. All I know is I sure as heck better not have to pay for a dang door that I did not break. At this point I am just hoping and praying that the inspection goes well and they don't find any stupid stuff for us to have to pay for. In my opinion this is just a  way for them to make more money, but hey what do I know?

Its All Gone

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well its all gone. After 2 straight 8 hour twork days the truck just pulled out and left with all of our household goods on it. Unfortunatly the truck is going to beat us to GA so all of our HHG will be going into storage for a while before it is delivered to our new house. Well, now its time to make this place spotless and beautiful before we have our final inspection in a few days.

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Packing Day One

Monday, September 13, 2010

Well, it is 4 o'clock and the packers just left. Thankfully they are 90% done. They still have to finish up the living room and doing the inventory throughout the house. Then they have to do all of the stuff on our back porch and everything that is in our shed. They also have to do under our stairs. They are coming back first thing in the morning to finish packing and then to load the semi. By the end of the day tomorrow we will be sleeping on air beds and living in an empty house. Do you realize how much an almost empty house echos??? Yea, not fun with 3 extreamly bored and loud kids.
Sorry for the typos and spelling mistakes, I will be blogging from my phone until we get to GA and get settled again.

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Almost Ready

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Today has been one busy day. KS woke me up at 10:00 this morning and I was in total disbelief that the kids let us sleep in that long. I kept asking him if it really was 10:00. It felt so good to sleep in that long, I have been so tired lately. KS made everyone breakfast this morning since we had about a dozen and a half eggs to go though, and I hate making eggs. The smell turns my stomach, I sure like eating them though. We ate every single one too! After breakfast KS and I started on the house, he was such a big help today. He did all of the major scrubbing and cleaning while I did all the organizing and sorting stuff. Now its almost seven o'clock and the house is clean our cooler is packed with all of the clothes that we will need for the next week+ (I pack us up in a cooler b/c we own a truck and its the easiest way to pack lots of clothes and things and not have to worry about rain) until we get our HHG shipment, and I think we are finally ready for the packers to get here tomorrow morning. I cannot believe it is moving week, I am so excited and ready to start on this new journey.

Guess who is getting a big girl bed once we get to GA?

Birthday/Graduation Pary

Saturday, September 11, 2010

On the 28th we had a full house, filled to the brim with friends and celebrations. We were celebrating Cayleigh-Grace's 2nd birthday and Kiale's soon to be 7th birthday. Also on the agenda was a much anticipated graduation celebration. It was a wonderful afternoon that soon spilled into the evening and night. The grill was hot, the cake and cupcakes were delicious, and the drinks were flowing. (Is it bad to list, BYOB, on a b-day/grad invitation?) I was in my element. I can honestly say that I am my happiest when I can have a house full of people and I get to play hostess for the evening. The afternoon started with burgers, hot dogs, chips, and baked beans. Followed by some color-burst cupcakes and cake. The kids played in the giant blow up sprinkler ball (well until it burst), played swords and overall had a wonderful time. Us "adult" kids enjoyed drinks and the UFC fight.
Kiale's cupcake was red white and blue.
Cayleigh-Grace and her Pink, white, and Aqua cupcake.
These were so much fun to make, and even nicer to look at.
All the guys, we miss them all already!
I had put trick candles on the cake, but the guys got smart...
The guy's graduation cake, red white and blue of course.
Gotta love the birthday girl!
Some of the best women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yea I know its still a month+ until Halloween but I couldn't help myself. Its been pretty dang quiet around here lately hasn't it? Well for good reason, we are moving... next week. I have been going crazy the past two weeks between KS's graduation last week, then friends leaving this past weekend, and I just dropped off 3 more friends at the airport a few hours ago. Not to mention all of the cleaning and organizing for the packers that come on Monday. All in all though I have to admit I am so happy and excited to be moving again. (I may have lost my mind...) I just cannot wait to get to a new place and explore and settle down for a couple of years, and in a lot of ways I am looking forward to when these few years pass and we are moving again.

Since it has been so long and this is so short I figured I would leave you with some pictures from the past week. 
Me and my munchkins. 

My girlfriends and I after graduation.
Kiale and Colin saying goodbye to their best buddy. 

KS, D, and R + the kids at our after graduation dinner. 

My little Gator girl with Albert, and sporting the cutest pigtails I have ever seen!

A Birthday Letter

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dear Cayleigh-Grace,

Happy 2nd birthday sweet Princess. These past two years have flown by so quickly, its so hard for me to even be able to wrap my head around that fact that you really are two; well as of 6:18 EST this morning. At this point in time you are your Mommy's daughter, you follow me wherever I go and you are constantly running in from wherever you have been to give me random hugs at all hours. You are very much still your Daddy's girl as well, but I know he is missing those long naps on the couch with you that you two shared for so long. At this point in time you are just too active to lay there and fall asleep wrapped in his arms. You have an amazing relationship with your brothers, although you favor Kiale to Colin. Truth be told you always have, although it warms my heart so much on those days when you and Colin are not butting heads and you curl up in his lap or run over to him and wrap your arms around his neck. You have Kiale wrapped around your little finger. I honestly think he would fly to the moon for you if you asked him. I hope your relationship stays as strong as it is now, and I hope that your relationship with Colin continues to grow and flourish as time goes on.

At this point in time you are all about Tinkerbell, it is your favorite movies and toys, although the Disney Princesses come in a close second. For your birthday this year your Aunt T and Uncle R got you the cutest swim toys that are the Disney Princesses and our good friends K and T got you the Tinkerbell Animal Friends. I have never seen you get so attached to toys before. You keep both sets in your purse and they go EVERYWHERE with you. You woke up at 1:30am this morning so I got up and brought you to bed with Daddy and I. You would not go to sleep or even lay down until I brought you your purse filled with these special toys. Even though you were playing with the little light up lightening bug so early this morning I couldn't help but smile and hold you even tighter. These are the times that I will never get back, as well as the times that I will miss and cherish so much. One day you will grow out of sleeping with Mommy and Daddy, so at this point in time your Daddy and I love those random nights where you wake up and we are able to bring you to bed with us.

I cannot wait to see how much you grow in this next year. I know you will be going to your first dance class with your Aunt Toni. She is so excited to have you in her class, even if it will only be whenever we are able to make it home. Unfortunately the dance classes where we are getting stationed in just a couple of weeks won't let you start until you are 3. Yes, Mommy has already looked into dance lessons. I hope you enjoy dance as much as I do, I hope it brings you great joy, and if it doesn't then that is okay too. You will find something out there that warms your heart and that you cannot wait to do every day.

You have grown so much in these past two years. From starting out at 10lbs 7.8oz you now way 29.25lbs and are 3 in tall. Everyone thinks you are older then you are which is fine with your Daddy and I. We want you to be tall... just not as tall as your Daddy. Maybe as tall as your Aunt Holly. 5'9 would be great, then you can play volleyball like I did for a couple of years in High School. If you do please be better then I was, you might actually get some decent game time that way. :-)

Well Princess my greatest wishes for you as you grow and mature through the years are for you to be happy, healthy, and fulfill your dreams. Don't worry about what other people want for you or even what they want you to become. Your life is yours only. You are the only one who can make it become everything you have ever dreamed for it to be, we can only guide you and hope that you go the right way, but if you are anything like your Mommy... well it won't be the easy way. Not at first at least.

I love you Princess,

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