Almost Ready

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Today has been one busy day. KS woke me up at 10:00 this morning and I was in total disbelief that the kids let us sleep in that long. I kept asking him if it really was 10:00. It felt so good to sleep in that long, I have been so tired lately. KS made everyone breakfast this morning since we had about a dozen and a half eggs to go though, and I hate making eggs. The smell turns my stomach, I sure like eating them though. We ate every single one too! After breakfast KS and I started on the house, he was such a big help today. He did all of the major scrubbing and cleaning while I did all the organizing and sorting stuff. Now its almost seven o'clock and the house is clean our cooler is packed with all of the clothes that we will need for the next week+ (I pack us up in a cooler b/c we own a truck and its the easiest way to pack lots of clothes and things and not have to worry about rain) until we get our HHG shipment, and I think we are finally ready for the packers to get here tomorrow morning. I cannot believe it is moving week, I am so excited and ready to start on this new journey.

Guess who is getting a big girl bed once we get to GA?


Chelle said...

1. Never thought of using a cooler to pack stuff up in the bed of the truck. I love that idea though. I'll have to remember that.
2. Can't believe it's already time for you to move. Time's passed by way way too fast.

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