Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yea I know its still a month+ until Halloween but I couldn't help myself. Its been pretty dang quiet around here lately hasn't it? Well for good reason, we are moving... next week. I have been going crazy the past two weeks between KS's graduation last week, then friends leaving this past weekend, and I just dropped off 3 more friends at the airport a few hours ago. Not to mention all of the cleaning and organizing for the packers that come on Monday. All in all though I have to admit I am so happy and excited to be moving again. (I may have lost my mind...) I just cannot wait to get to a new place and explore and settle down for a couple of years, and in a lot of ways I am looking forward to when these few years pass and we are moving again.

Since it has been so long and this is so short I figured I would leave you with some pictures from the past week. 
Me and my munchkins. 

My girlfriends and I after graduation.
Kiale and Colin saying goodbye to their best buddy. 

KS, D, and R + the kids at our after graduation dinner. 

My little Gator girl with Albert, and sporting the cutest pigtails I have ever seen!


Julie the Army Wife said...

These are too sweet. I hope your mover goes really well.

Kathy said...

Cute pics! Best wishes with the move:)

Maranda said...

Too cute!!!! Good luck with the move!!

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