Its All Gone

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well its all gone. After 2 straight 8 hour twork days the truck just pulled out and left with all of our household goods on it. Unfortunatly the truck is going to beat us to GA so all of our HHG will be going into storage for a while before it is delivered to our new house. Well, now its time to make this place spotless and beautiful before we have our final inspection in a few days.

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Kathy said...

Come on over to our wonderful state of Georgia--the Peach State! We will be happy to have ya'll :) Hope to hear that you have arrived soon. Ft. Gordon is only about 3 hours away from where I live.

MrsMike said...

Hi, just stumbled upon you :-)

Good luck with your move! I just moved from PA to WA in June, just a little hop skip and a jump across the country! And alone... the hubs was still deployed, lucky guy got to come home to a fully furnished and unpacked home haha

God bless, and good luck!

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