Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Well, today has gone smoothly for the most part. Woke up took the boys to school, cleared out the living room and boys room and waited on the carpet shampooers to get here. They arrived 15 minutes late, but really it was no big deal, they finished the entire house within 2 hours. The big deal came as the guy was putting everything away. I had gone into the dinning room and closed the bi fold doors, then after I remembered I needed to put the blinds down for the inspection tomorrow I opened them up and walked towards the window only to hear a loud crash behind me. The bi fold door crashed into the door to our hot water heater closet. So I sit there fiddling with it for a couple of minutes trying to fix it to no avail. Thankfully the cleaner guy was still here so I walked out there and asked him if he hit or messed up the door and he said yea he caught it on his hose. So, I explained to him that it just crashed... he couldn't believe it. He came inside and tried to fix it but there was no fixing it, it was good and broke. I noticed that the maintenance crew was in the next housing so I had him come over and look at it. Thankfully it was no big deal since they are removing the doors after we leave anyway. My neighbor watched Cayleigh-Grace after the carpet cleaner left and I ran my errands today which was great. It was so nice to go and have three hours sans kids, even if I was cramming in 6 different stops into that short period of time. After I finished running all over creation I had thirty minutes to get home pick Cayleigh-Grace up and get to Kiale's school for cupcakes (his birthday is Tuesday) thankfully we made it there right at 2:30 with no time to spare. Kiale and his classmates really enjoyed the cupcakes even if the icing was falling off of them due to the insane heat here. After we got home I started washing the walls and getting the last little bit of stuffed cleaned up (which I am still not done with, dang bathrooms...) when KS said have you seen this yet?? I had no clue what he was talking about and I was not happy when I realized what it was. When the bi fold door fell it busted a hole in the water heater closet door, it is an almost perfect triangle hole from the corner of the door. Needless to say I was on the phone with maintenance immediately, they didn't have time to come out here and look at it today which sucks because our inspection is first thing in the morning. He is going to try and come out around 8 which would be fine since our inspection is around 10:00, and see if he can fix it. All I know is I sure as heck better not have to pay for a dang door that I did not break. At this point I am just hoping and praying that the inspection goes well and they don't find any stupid stuff for us to have to pay for. In my opinion this is just a  way for them to make more money, but hey what do I know?


annoyed army wife said...

I think you're right! I hope all goes well!

Kathy said...

Only one word for your day..."Wow"!

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