I created my Labor Views series to educate woman on their options. There are so many lies out there and misconceptions about birth, and while not every birth is alike and sometimes not even similar all women need to go into labor being educated, and not just educated in the hospital birthing scenarios but also in the birth center and home birthing scenarios as well. By being educated and knowing ALL of your options not just the options that you are limited to by your own choices, because yes in many cases these days women limit themselves by choosing hospital births. Some would argue that by choosing a birth center or home birth you are also limiting yourself since you would not have the option of a epidural, so that argument can go both ways but what I am trying to say is that if you want what is best for you and your baby read read and read. Know the facts of the hospital you are birthing at find out the cesarean rates of your hospital and your doctor as well as the doctors in your primary OB's practice since we all know that just because you choose your doctor and you see them for the entire 9 months does not mean he/she will be the one to deliver your bundle of joy. I know that one first hand, one of the other doctors in my OB's practice delivered my oldest son. Please keep in mind that this series is my opinion, and in some cases the opinion of others via links. Please take the time to read it through and when you are done go and read more online or via books. Educate yourself and have a safe and happy birthing experience. ~Charity

My Labor Views Series
*-My own written works

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