Labor Views - Part 4

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Purple Pushing...

"Okay PUSH! 1,2,3,4....10. okay its over now breathe... okay here comes another contraction, are you ready? PUSH! 1, 2, 3....." This is what I heard during the pushing phase of birthing my two sons. It was rushed, it was stressful, and above all else it was scary. My knees where up to my ears, and I felt as if I could not get them out fast enough. The doctors and nurses were counting and it seemed like something bad would happen if I could not get them out soon enough. I delivered both within 10 minutes of pushing. With my oldest son I had "skid-marks" inside from the quick decent and with my youngest son I did not tear or have any "skid-marks" but he was bruised on his face and head from how fast he came out. I knew then that that was not the way babies were supposed to come out. They should not come out bruised and beaten. When I became pregnant with my daughter KS and I knew that a hospital birth was not the way we wanted to welcome our third baby into the world. After two and a half hours of labor and 30 minutes of pushing I delivered a 10lb 7.8 (weight taken 1 hour+ after birth) baby girl and I did not tear, no skid-marks, nothing. I attribute this entirely to my lack of purple pushing. I took my time birthing my daughter, I pushed on MY own time and I let my body guide me and do the pushing for me. I only helped by lightly barring down when my body was pushing. I followed the cues my body was giving me and I helped myself out by only pushing when I had the urge to push rather than baring down and pushing to the count of ten. There is absolutely no need or reason to Purple Push your baby out, there is no rush in the majority of cases. The only time you should use the Purple Pushing technique is when your baby is in distress and needs to come out with lightning speed. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for tears, fetal bruising, and many other complications that could arise from pushing that hard and that fast.


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