Military Appreciation Day

Monday, June 7, 2010

Military Appreciation Day was on the 15th and we had a blast! The base where we are currently stationed at has a wonderful recreation camp with a lake and a fishing pond. The military appreciation day festivities where held there. There were TONS of service men and women and lots of families, great food and plenty of rides and fun stuff to keep the kids and adults happy and entertained.

Colin fishing with KS's old roommate.
While Colin was getting his Dolphin balloon hat made Cayleigh-Grace was hitching a ride on AJ's shoulders and snacking on a yummy cherry slushy. The entire day one of my kids were either in a bounce house or on getting a ride from AJ. I am so happy and that all of KS's friends have embraced our children. They have become our extended family. Kiale got one of the coolest balloon animals I have ever seen, a dragon.

Our Family

Between all of the bounce houses, playgrounds, and room to run the kids had so much fun that day. I even got to see the coolest balloon animal EVER, I just wish I had got a picture of it. It was a pregnant dog. The lady in font of us was big pregnant and that is what the guy made her as a surprise after her son got his sword. I just couldn't get over it, he used clear balloons and everything so you could see this little balloon ball floating around in the dogs stomach.


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