What a Week!

Friday, June 4, 2010

*It has taken me 3 days to finish this post, if you cant tell the kids are home from school and life around her has gone from what I thought was busy to EXTREMELY busy. Hopefully once things calm down a little bit I will start having posts that are more then just pictures and video :) 

Last week was a mess! There is just no other way of describing it, all 5 of us had the stomach bug. For starters it was the last week of school for the boys and at 5am Monday morning I am woken up by Colin crying and covered in puke.... needless to say he did not go to school Monday. Thankfully he was the only one of us that was puking and Kiale didn't have to miss any school and neither did KS. Although I still don't know how KS managed to go to PT two mornings in a row after having been in the bathroom the entire night before.

Kiale graduated from Kindergarten on Friday and Colin graduated from his Pre-K class on Thursday, I will be posting on those two wonderful days later in the week, once I can find a spare hour to put together a half decent post or two.

My sister graduates from high school today and I would be lying if I said I wasn't heartbroken for having to miss it. Her long time boyfriend is graduating as well, it is so weird not having them around the house all the time. We have never gone more then a week without seeing each other and now we are going on almost 3 months. I know I need to just suck it up and get used to not being around my family and I need to get used to missing huge milestones in their lives but it is so hard, and I feel like I am letting her and everyone else down but missing stuff and by making them miss stuff with my kids. Do you always feel like a part of you is missing??? I just have this hole that never seems to go away, I guess that is what happens when you are really close to your family and you just up and leave one day with only 3 weeks notice. 

I have been hitting the gym for the past three mornings and I am looking froward to going back on Monday, although I have a feeling I am going to leave the kids with Kiale and go this weekend I am really enjoying it. Plus I have finally made a friend!! How awesome is that!? It only took 2.5 months, but what does that matter right. We meet at the gym every morning and workout together. It makes the time go by so much faster and its nice to finally have some good adult interaction that lasts more then just the usual brief exchange of hellos and how long are you here for.

Well I have to go, its pool time, and the kids are starting to get antsy. Chow!

P.S. We might have orders within the month!!!!! Keep your fingers crossed!


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