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Sunday, April 11, 2010

This weekend has be wonderful and amazingly relaxing. Know what we have done? .... nothing. Well aside from driving around and exploring the town today with a little shopping added in. Colin had a fever on Friday so he didn't get to go to school and then Saturday Cayleigh-Grace was running the fever, her's got up to a 104.3 which for her age is never a good thing. It always worries us but she enjoyed it since she was able to take a 20 minute bath b/c of it. Thankfully both of their fevers only lasted 24 hours. KS and I have been playing scrabble on the PSP that his old roommate gave him. The guy was so sweet he gave KS the PSP, speakers, and everything else that he had to go with it just b/c he got the new one. All three of the kids got new shoes today, I cannot believe that Cayleigh-Grace is already wearing a size 6 the boys weren't in that size until they were over two, but considering her size I guess she is right on track. The boys are in size 10.5 and 11.5. For a 5 and 6 year old they really do have small feet, but so do KS and I. My sisters on the other had... well that is another story (love you girls! ;-p ) I did get a new dress and sports bra today and KS got a few new shirts. I have been trying to hit the gym at least somewhat regularly lately, I went on Friday and biked 8 miles and walked 2 miles. Kiale even walked up to the gym with me on Friday and all the way back, they have a Family Fit room where you can bring your children, it was so nice to walk up there. It is almost a mile to the gym from our house. I will be going back tomorrow and I cannot wait. I have really been enjoying my time there. Well I guess that is about it. Army Wives comes on in 20 minutes and I cannot wait KS and I will be glued to the TV once again every Sunday night at that special hour. Time to get the kids in bed and try to steal the PSP out of KS's grip, its my turn to play... I just need to convince him of that. Oh and Cayleigh-Grace is cutting her 2 year molars, let me tell you she has been all sorts of "fun" today in a VERY not so fun kind of way.


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