Dixie's Talent Night

Monday, March 9, 2009

I just realized that I didn't post pics from Dixie's talent night on Feb 28. What can I say it has been a VERY busy week. So here they are!

She danced to "Its Oh So Quiet" which is the song that I picked out for her to dance to 2+ years ago. It was on a CD that was given out as a gift favor at my sister-in-laws wedding, and as soon as I heard it I know its what she had to dance to for the Miss High School Pageant. I can not express how proud I was seeing her up on that stage! One of my best friends, Toni, who owns her own dance studio choreographed the dance for her and spent the time to teach her. You see 2 years ago it was my intention to choreograph the dance but as we all know time changes all things, and I didn't end up going to dance school like I had intended to at that time. Toni did such an amazing job. So much better than I could have ever dreamed of doing. I don't even think I could express in words the amount of appreciation and gratitude that I feel for Toni taking care of my sister the way she did. The dance was amazing! Thank you so much Toni, I know I have already told you, but it really meant so much to me for you do do that for her, and she looked so wonderful! Luv ya girl!


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