Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boy have I been up to quite a bit of stuff the past few days.

Saturday was spent watching Twilight, not once and not twice but three times... man I love that movie!! I will be purchasing the books quite soon as well. If the movie was that good the books have to be wonderful. After watching the movie I took my sister Holly out to lunch, and then to Joann's for some fabric shopping. I am going to be making her 3 skirts for church. Following the fabric shopping I took her to the Family Christian Book Store and bought her her Bible and Bible cover for her belated birthday present. Lunch was great, just way to short. We didn't realize that the restaurant closed at 2:00... we got there at 1:50... but oh well that just gives us an excuse to go again.

On Sunday I enjoyed a wonderful prebirthday birthday party for myself at my parents house. It was nice and peaceful and just wonderful. Thanks Mom!! My awesome family loaded me up on new Vera Bradley stuff for the beach and lake this summer! Now the water just needs to warm up.
Monday was spent halfway relaxing with Cayleigh-Grace and the other half was spent getting ready to sew my first quilt. I organised and cut all of the strips and created the blocks for my quilt that I sewed literally ALL day Tuesday but the results are wonderful!! I love it!! Now I just have to purchase the border backing and and batting, cut and sew them on and I will be done with my first quilt!!
Yesterday was also spent helping the boys go through all of their toys to give away to Good Will. They ended up with a very large box full of toys, books, and stuffies to give away. Now I get to finish going through everything and then drop them all off today. We do this a couple of times a year and the boys really like doing it, because this way they say that kids that don't have toys will now get to enjoy theirs. I am trying to make sure that my kids are raised with a giving heart, and I am hoping that by doing this it will get me to my goal with them.

Cayleigh-Grace has changed a bit in the past week, she seems to go through these spurts where she has just boundless energy. Its crazy. She kicks her legs around and jumps (well sorta) and just seems to have energy and excitement coming out her ears. She reminds me a lot of my youngest sister Holly who has always had just an endless source of energy. All I have to say is look out Toni, she's coming to you to focus her energy in good creative places as soon as possible if this keeps up!! She saw a friend of mines little girl Daisy who is two weeks younger than her yesterday, and you would not believe how excited she got. She was practically trying to jump out of my arms she was waving and bouncing around so much. I cannot believe how big she is getting...
Kiale and Colin are doing great, they are off of school on Friday so I am going to find something fun for us all to go and do. Colin wants to go spend his birthday money so I am sure a trip to OP is in store for us. I am so proud of those two, they are such amazing and wonderful kids. Even if they cannot clean there room without it taking at least three hours... and that's without it even being that messy they just get so distracted constantly... it drives me crazy but oh well that's kids for ya!

Well I think I am all caught up on everything... wait, please continue to pray for Baby Stellan he is still fighting for his life while his heart races well above 200bpm. We all know a heart cannot run forever at that rate, and nothing they do has been able to get it down to a normal rage of a 4 month old and stay down. It always shoots right back up.
Prayers for Stellan


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