Living Room!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Well minus rehanging my pictures, making my curtains (after I decide on fabric choices), and putting up the baseboards (which we have yet to buy) the living room is FINISHED!! Oh, I also need to paint the front door, but that doesn't matter the hard stuff is done!... now only 3 more rooms to go. The room looks SO much BIGGER its amazing, Kiale picked the wall color out. I know it is going to really be a surprise to a lot of people b/c they know how much I cannot stand white walls, but it isn't white its tan, and just wait until you see my curtains... There will be PLENTY of color in the room, trust me! I really do like the color though, it looks like beach sand.

Did I mention I LOVE the living room! Kiale and I were up until 12:30 this morning working on it. My husband is so AMAZING spends all day working at the shop just to come home and work for another 5+ hours on his hands and knees putting down a wood floor. I know he is happy though, I got two kisses before he left for work today, I love that man!


Stephanie said...

I love it! I am blessed to have a "handy" husband as well. I recommend them to everyone I know.

Kelli W. said...

Your living room looks incredible!!!

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