Cayleigh-Grace's 6 month Checkup

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I took Cayleigh-Grace in for her 6 month appointment today and she weight 19lbs 80z. I only had her get 2 of her 5 immunizations today since I do not agree with giving kids so many shots at one time, can you say system overload! She is doing so good, she can already wave open handed and wave by opening and closing her had. Its so cute to watch her wave bye bye to you. She is getting around so well now, I know soon I will be chasing her all around the house. She finally on Sunday started eating good, and began to open her mouth when I feed her baby food. It has been an interesting couple of weeks trying to get her to eat, although I wasn't pushing it on her and wasn't even trying it ever day since she was still satisfied with my milk alone, and still sleeping through the night. She still has a bit of a cough every once in awhile but it is much better now, thankfully all three of the kids are better!

"Patty Cake"

Thank you for the wonderful tub seat Toni, she loves it! Everyone should get one of these it makes bath time so much easier with little ones Cayleigh-Grace's age. She loves being able to splash until her little hearts content with now worries about falling over.

She was so exhausted after Colin's birthday party we put her down at around 6:30-7:00 and she didn't wake up until 8ish Sunday morning.

She finally made it all the way out of her room on her own power! She is getting around everywhere now. I just cannot wait until she is actually crawling so she doesn't mess up her clothes from scooting around on her belly.


toni said...

your SO welcome for the bath seat. Luke loved it too, and it took alot of my worries away

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