Colin's Birthday

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Today has been such a nice day coming from yesterday which was all organized chaos with the birthday party. I finally got some of my pictures hung up in the living room so I will posting pictures of the finished living room tomorrow. Today was so nice it was spent just the way I like it, relaxing at the house with the kids and friends. Colin has really enjoyed his actual birthday. We got his favorite food for lunch, pizza, and Kiale and Uncle Keith set up his kitchen.

Plus we had the bounce house yesterday as well as today so the boys have been playing in it off and on all day. Having a family down the road that owns 4 bounce houses really comes in handy for parties, and random days when there is nothing else to do. You know, even if one "brat" of a person pretty much ruined the party for me I did still really enjoy myself, and who knows until that person starts showing my husband and I some respect they might just not be invited to anything anymore... I am still thinking about that one... although I am REALLY mad still... and do need time to cool down, but you know enough is enough, and I am SO over all the crap. No wonder my parents did what they did so many years ago, I totally understand EVERYTHING now. But anyways that was totally out of know where. Like I was saying today was great, and I got my house clean again. I am so in love with these floors it literally took me maybe 10 to sweep, mop up the dirty spots, and then put everything back in its place. That was it. They are SO easy it clean its wonderful.


Tessa said...

oh i feel so bad for you guys we bought that same kitchen set, it took my husband 3 hours to set it oh well they have lots of fun when its done

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