Friday, March 6, 2009

Well yesterday started of late, we woke up about 30min before the kids had to be at school, so you could imagine the scramble that was going on in my house trying to get everyone out the door. After I dropped the kids off at school I got home and not 5 min after walking in the door the school calls. I have to go pick up Colin b/c he went into one of his coughing fits and he threw up on himself. I do the same thing though so I knew how he felt, coughing just makes our gag reflex go into overdrive. So I had a day with my youngest two, it was actually very nice. We didn't get too much productive stuff done, but we did read 3 books and just enjoy our time together. Whenever the kids are home sick from school or if they have a day off it just makes me what some to get here faster. I cannot wait until my kids are home from school and with me all day. We have so much fun during the summer, it just cannot get here fast enough. Thankfully spring break is in a month so that will be a nice treat. It would be wonderful if the lakes were warm enough to go swimming, I doubt it though. The earliest we can usually start going swimming is the first of May.

Yesterday afternoon... well night we were able to get all of the hallway and part of the dining room finished. Cayleigh-Grace decided she was going to "help" daddy with the box of flooring.
She then proceeded to scoot over to the boys and give them a hand with their toys. She just wanted to make sure that they were doing everything correctly.

Then she figured she would end the night by curling up with daddy and snuggling up in his legs.

She is getting so good at scooting around!! She is really catching on to it really fast!


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