Chips and Dust

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well yesterday was a pretty eventful day, it started with a Field Trip to the potato chip factory that is located about 45min from our house. It was really neat, unfortunately I forgot my camera and Kiale's scanner is broken down with the remodel going on so I cannot scan the pictures that Colin's teacher took for me, but I can say that the kids loved it. We are actually going back in a couple of weeks to take Colin's birthday pictures out there they had tons of antique tractors and other farm equipment so its the perfect setting for his pictures. He loves ANYTHING John Deere or tractors!

After the field trip we headed to Lowe's to pick up a piano hinge and some insulation. I also picked out my lighting fixture for my dinning room, since the current one that we have in there is older than me! (and not in a good way)

Uncle Jimmy also came by and worked on my laundry room, it looks amazing!! He totally blew away my expectations on how it would look. I am still in awe over it!

Here is a current picture of my sweet Zoe, she is getting so big! I will take a picture of Jackson today if I think about it, but for now its off to clean out a closet and pack up Kiale's desk! I have to get my house clean and functional before I go bonkers!!

One more thing, I ordered samples of tile to put up in the kitchen, hopefully I will have them in in the next couple of days and I will show them to you!


Stephanie said...

Can't wait to see the pics, I love home remodeling stuff!

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