Peaceful Sick Baby

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well Cayleigh-Grace has her first major cold. She has had the cough that the boys have had for about a week now, they have had it for 2 weeks with finally some improvement. Her cough has now turned into coughing with nasty snot filled nose. I had cartoons on for the boys this morning and obviously she fell asleep while she was turning around to watch the cartoons. BTW that precious Ballet sleeper she is wearing is 12mos... my sweet girl is so big!

Here is what I walked into yesterday morning when I was trying to get the boys up for school.

Today is going to be a VERY busy day for me... if I ever quit blogging that is... I have to take down all of the cabinet doors in the kitchen and prime all of the doors and cabinets. Then I have to finish priming the last wall in the living room and prime the hallway, then I need to cut in a little bit and prime some of the edges and the overhang between the kitchen and dining room as well as the dining and living room. Then I have a baby shower and our local Miss High School pageant talent night that my sister is in... its going to be one heck of a day, but at least I should sleep good tonight... well as long as I don't have a crying sick baby to deal with like last night, but hey that goes with the territory.


Stephanie said...

LOL. That picture of her sleeping in the excersaucer thing is hilarious. Poor baby. I hope she gets better soon. Both of my girls have colds. I am so sick of snot!!!

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