Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Okay, so here's the thing. I am totally annoyed with Walgreen's right now. Actually I have been annoyed with them for quite some time now but I have finally had enough. I take great pride in my pictures and spend hours at times (depending on how behind I am) editing them. I try very hard for my finished product to look professional and perfect. Then I send the to Walgreen's to be printed since I am not aware of any professional printing service places, and Walgreen's is all of 5min away from my house. The pictures NEVER look like they do when I am done editing them on my computer, they are always darker with pronounced shadows, it drives me crazy all I want in my hands is the perfect picture I have on my computer!

Does this Walgreen's version (up) look ANYTHING like my version (down)?

Not even close!!!


Amanda, Kevin, and Landon said...

That's awful. It looks nothing like the original. Have you tried Shutterfly? I get all of my pictures printed through them.

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