Kiale's 1st Day of K-3

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I found myself thinking about how the boys had said that they didn't want PB&J sandwiches for lunch today, and for some reason Kiale's first day of K-3 came into my mind... KS and I were so nervous. There we both were in the kitchen trying to figure out exactly what to put into Kiale's Diego lunch box. We didn't want to send too much food, and we didn't want him to be hungry either. So there we were cutting up cheese into cubes, and putting it in baggies with so pepperoni. I am pretty sure that he had "gummies" and apple slices in there as well. We were so nervous that day and so proud as well. Our little guy was going to his first day of school. Its so funny looking back on those first couple of days we were so intent on making sure his lunch box was perfect and just right for him with all of his favorite things... I guess its because it was the only thing that we had control of and we wanted him to feel comfortable and a little bit of home when he opened it up...


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