A Wonderful Day

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today has been such a wonderful day. I dropped the boys off at school and Cayleigh-Grace and I headed up to Orange Park for a day of retail therapy, and boy was it nice! Our first stop was PetSmart, with as many creatures as we have running around our house it is a necessity. We then hit Babies-R-Us... I am so in love with that store, well truth be told I have been in love with that store since I first got preggo with Kiale, but since I have a girl now my love for that store has turned more into an obsession, especially when they have BOGO 50% outfits and all Carters Clothing, and they had spend $19.99 on a Fisher-Price infant toy get one free. We also went to the Christian Family store, where I got a book and a Raising Responsive Children Bible study for moms workbook. Lowe's was our last stop I had to get fencing, 4 gallons of primer, and a Skill saw for Kiale, remodel here we come!!

I am really excited about the Raising Responsive Children workbook, it is a 12 week Bible Study that has everything from getting closer to God, to helping your marriage, and of course everything for raising well rounded children. With sections tailored to boys and girls. I will be keeping up with it on my blog as well as in the workbook itself, that way if I fall behind some of can *kindly* remind me to get back on the wagon. I am really hoping that this helps me come closer to God and it help in those areas where I feel I am weak with my children. I will be starting it later today so wish me luck!

I was able to get a decent picture of Cayleigh-Grace's two teeth... granted she was screaming when I took the picture, but whatever works right? (btw she was sitting up and had fallen backwards and that was why she was crying) You might need to click on the picture to see her teeth better... or the lines of her teeth coming in...

I am so excited, I go tomorrow to pick up our new floors!! I cannot wait, I will be posting before and after pictures for the entire remodel as we go along.


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