3 Sweets in 1 Special Hat

Monday, February 23, 2009

Thankfully I have 2 outfits that all three of my children have worn, this is the second and last outfit. If you want to see the first one it is here. I fell in love with this hat the first time I layed eyes on it, I hope you all will like it too.

Kiale Jr.

Colin Hunter

So here is my question, who does Cayleigh-Grace look like more, Kiale or Colin? Leave your answer in a comment on this post. I want to see what everyone's opinions are.


Tessa said...

that first and last pic is so adorable, i love her little chubby cheeks

Stephanie said...

I honestly think she looks like both of them in different ways.

Cute pics!

Amanda, Kevin, and Landon said...

I think Cayleigh-Grace looks more like Kiale Jr. It is so cute that you have pictures of them all in the same outfit...absolutely adorable!

Megaloo said...

I think she looks more like Kiale.

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