Happy Birthday Cayleigh-Grace: Part 2

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Well our little princess is 1... it still amazes me everyday when I look at her how fast she has grown. She now has 11 teeth... 12 any day now, just waiting on that last molar to break through. This girl is into EVERYTHING!! Its crazy, if she isn't supposed to touch or go near it she is all over it! She has been getting quite an attitude lately as well, I'm not sure if I like that part though. She is still nursing an average of 6 times a day and she is still in size 4 diapers. Her are some pics from her actual birthday. She had yellow rice and chicken for lunch with a side of chocolate cake, and for her birthday present she got a brand new Tinkerbell chair. She LOVES this chair, I am so glad we got it for her!! She is also pointing at everything!! It is so cute, she will point and then say some sort of baby babble, its just too cute!


Kathryn said...

She is so cute!! I still can't believe our kids are one (or close to it)!!! Breanna was not that big of a deal for me because she was so independent, but Gaven is such a mama's boy that I am already not wanting to face the fact that he is growing up!! So... I know exactly what you mean!! Hope today was fabulous with no rain!!!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Congrats to her! Happy Birthday! 11 teeth...wow! Savi only has 4:)

KBH said...

She is soooo adorable! What a pretty smile!!!

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