15 Months & 1 Year

Sunday, December 6, 2009

On December 3 Cayleigh-Grace celebrated her 15 month day on in honor of that... Happy belated 15 month day Cayleigh-Grace! You are becoming quite the little lady. You walk around the house with your hand right below your neck and you remind me of a Southern Belle saying " I do declare." You have figured out how to get out of your bath seat all by yourself, this has resulted in you falling in the tub. I guess you haven't figured out just how slippery it is yet. You love your babies more and more each day, and your lovie has gone from you BaBa Lamb and you pink blanket to your "Daddy Bear" and your pink blanket. You only nurse 3-4 times a day now and you are still in size 4 diapers. You have thined out so much and your looks are changing every day. You look like a little girl now and I am afraid that you have outgrown the "baby" and have replaced it with a precious little toddler who has captured all of our hearts. You say "Uh Oh," "Mama," "Dada," "Bubba," and something that is beginning t sound like puppy. You have also begun to say Bye Bye whenever you see a car drive by or someone leaving. You will come to me and drag me all over the house telling me who knows what. I have no clue what you are saying but you seem to be talking in full sentences in a language all your own. You have also tattled on your brothers for the first time, Colin wouldn't give you his cookie. Let me tell you, you told me ALL about it. Colin and I laughed... sorry girl. Thank you for choosing us to be your family Cayleigh-Grace, your presence in our lives has completed us and made us whole. You have beautiful strawberry blond hair that is coming in more and more each day, and I wonder if you will end up being a red head like your Meme was when she was young. I cannot wait until your Daddy gets home and sees just how much you have changed in these short 3 weeks he has been away. You are still wearing size 18 and 24 month clothes and I think you will be in those for quite a while, your growth spurts have seems to slow dramatically, although I know you have gotten taller since your Daddy left.

Our Zoe turned 1 on Dec. 3rd, Happy 1st Birthday Zoe!


Julie said...

Happy 15 months to your girl :)


Happy Birthday to Zoe :)

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Such a cute pic of her:)

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