5 @ 1 = 100

Sunday, December 6, 2009

What in the heck does the title mean right? Well it means that when KS gets 5 letters at one time he has to do 100 pushups to get them. The first letter is free then he has to do 10 for the 2nd one, 20 for the 3rd one, 30 for the 4th one, and 40 for the 5th one. Well at least he cant say that we don't love him and we never write him! I am so thankful, I got a 45 minute call from my man tonight!!! He is doing so good, and seems to be really happy. He knee is "still there" which means that it is still bothering him, so please keep the prayers coming. He also told me that he failed his hearing test so he has to go to the hearing doctor after AIT... and he always tells me I'm the one that is hard of hearing, tisk, tisk, tisk... He said that it really isn't that hard and that he is enjoying himself. I am so happy to hear that he really is happy, I have been so worried that he was hating it, but he really seems to be loving it. They have already had four people accidentally discharge their weapons, for some reason they cannot figure out how to work the safety button. Those people have to write a 500 word essay to their buddies family saying they were sorry they "killed" there son/husband/whatever. Thankfully the guns only have blanks in them. So no one has gotten hurt, but the potential is there. They need to be fully aware of the weapons that they are carrying and the safety practices that need to go along with those weapons. KS will be participating in the Gas Chamber tomorrow, I told him DO NOT DRINK THE MILK, if he was to drink it it would have curdled in his stomach do to the gas mixing in with it. Nasty I know. I am so excited about picking him up in a little over a week. I will be getting a hotel Tuesday night on post and then picking him up Wednesday morning. He wants to go and look around town and see what all is there after I pick him up so it is going to be a nice day. Although any day with my husband is a wonderful day. He knows all of the husbands whose wives I am friends with. I have a feeling that our new Army Family is going to be wonderful as well as huge! He is happy that there are lots of men there with families and wives back home. I don't think he was anticipating having so much in common with that many men. Like I said I am just so happy that he is happy with his decision, and that he is having fun doing it!


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