Cayleigh-Grace's Christmas Tree

Monday, December 14, 2009

We finally got paid!! I was so happy to see my bank account this morning, and since we finally got paid I was able to get Cayleigh-Grace her Christmas Tree. She was so cute putting her ornaments on it. She loves her new tree! I was planning on putting it on top of her dresser until I tried to and then realized that it was too tall. So instead it is going on her changing table. I am just going to have to change her on her toddler bed until after Christmas. I had bought some silver beads to go around it as garland but I didn't buy enough. So more beads and a topper are on my list of things to get for her, they didn't have any cute toppers at Walmart. I might just go and get a bow from Michael's like I did for my tree and for the kids school tree. Yes my daughter is in spaghetti straps and a skort, its 80 degrees today and hot as ever. I have a feeling its going to be another 85 degree Christmas again.


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Those pics are so cute!

(army)Wife said...

A pink tree?! I'm not a fan of "fake" trees, but I totally make an exception for this one. It's awesome!! Where did you get it?

Mrs. White said...

She is SO cute! and so is her tree!! :)

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