Monday, February 7, 2011

We have finally settled into a good routine here. I have never been a schedule person, but with this deployment I have found that they are not only are they a good thing to consider they are a requirement for our family. I guess you could say we had a slight after school schedule already but now it is more concrete. After the fiasco of the boys not listening and Kiale being very rude and acting out I reevaluated our routines and decided that that would be the easiest thing to change first, and that I could go from there if it didn't work our so well. Thankfully it worked out perfectly. Everything really came to a head on Monday of last week. To the point where I called the family and life consultants for two appointments. One for Kiale and one for myself. While my appointment wasn't until the following day, and Kiale's appointment wasn't until Thursday afternoon, I decided to try and fix things for myself first. Which bring us to the change and implementation of a firm schedule for after school time. Our schedule before was to come home have snack and immediately start on homework. It was not working.


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