Tuesday, February 8, 2011

  • I have four posts in draft that are almost finished (actual decent posts that are about something rather then random bullet points).
  • Countless "picture of" posts that are not even almost close to being done. 
  • Everyone is healthy and has been for a week. 
  • I thank God everyday for Skype and Email.
  • CYS registration is complete... well minus orientation, one of which I missed today. It helps if the lady tells you AM or PM when she says be there at 7 tomorrow. I assumed she meant PM... well, we all know what assuming gets you.
  • I went to counseling last week, Kiale also went to counseling last week. Gotta love the Military Family and Life Consultants.
  • New schedules around the house have changed this house from chaos to peace... well as peaceful as possible with 3 kids and a deployed husband.
  • Lots of sewing projects in the works. Now if I can just find the drive to get them started and actually complete them... maybe I should finish the ones I have started first. That might be the better idea. 
  • Kiale is finally enjoying reading!!! 


JG said...

Sounds like you are finding your groove. And also like you guys are getting good communication (I hope?). All good things. Can't wait to read your posts!

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