6-Week Postpartum Appt.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Well Cayleigh-Grace is officially six weeks old. Its horrible how fast time goes by... but that life. She is up to 12lbs 9oz!! She has KJ's weight beat by 2 full months, and Colin's beat by two weeks... Remarkably she still fits into newborn and 0-3months clothes with plenty of room left over, and weight wise she is supposed to have outgrown them by now. I am definitely not complaining though, I don't want her to outgrow her clothes yet. We had such a fun time at my appt. the midwifes at the Birth Center of Gainesville are so amazing and wonderful, and they have such a wonder place in my heart!! As soon as we got there they wanted to put Cayleigh-Grace on the scale and see how much she weighed. They call her their big girl, its so cute! Here are the pictures that I took at the Birth Center (L to R) Nellie the receptionist, Mary Anne - she delivered Cayleigh-Grace, Kristen (in the back) - one of the midwives, June - another midwife, and Zoe - she was my second midwife that assisted in Cayleigh-Grace's birth, and of course Cayleigh-Grace!

I had to take this picture, Cayleigh-Grace the entire time could not stop starring at Mary Anne. She kept smiling at her and would not take her eyes off of her, she is definitely her favorite person there!!
I am very happy I am down to 135, so 32lbs down only 8 more to go, and that was with jeans and everything else on!! Go me!!


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