When in doubt... remove the headband!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our non-biological family was down from Alabama and Tennessee yesterday, we were all very excited to see them since they had not been down since 4th of July. So I got the boys dressed and got Cayleigh-Grace dressed in her pretty dress and her purple headband. Once KS got off of work we headed out to go see our "other family," little did I realize the fun that was going to ensue. The boys were thrilled once we got there b/c the were able to see Tres and Veda who we have not seen since 4th of July so they played the whole time. We all had about 15min. of peace when all hell broke loose, Cayleigh-Grace was screaming, and I am not talking about her usual "yelling" at you that she does, no she was screaming. So we run through the gauntlet of tricks to try to calm the baby, feed, change, rock, pacifier... nothing was working. I manage to get her to be quiet during the prayer for dinner. KS goes to eat since it is obvious by this point that we will have to take turns holding and trying to calm her eating together would be impossible at this point. I manage to get her to eat and as soon as she is finished the screaming starts again, finally it is my turn to eat and KS's turn with her... still screaming. I think it has been probably a good hour of crying by this point, then Alan takes a turn. Still all we hear is crying, he is even laying down in the back room with her trying to calm her down. She won't take her pacifier nothing. We are all a bit frazzled by this point. I finish eating and it is my turn with her again, I have her for about 10min and suddenly I think maybe she wants her headband off, maybe it is hurting her. I remove the headband and what happens....... silence! Thank heavens!! If only I had thought of that an hour and a half before!! Oh well, that just goes with the fun of parenthood. So note to self:

1. Do not ever put the purple headband on her again!
2. Try taking off the headband if she wont start crying and she has one on!!

Other than that the evening was wonderful!


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