Easter Bunny Pics

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I would have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying spring break with the boys home. We really have been having a wonderful time. We have yet to stay home for a full day, which has been nice! I love doing stuff with my kids!! It really helps that they are VERY easy going and completely go with the flow personalities. Well yesterday was spent out going to the mall and getting our Easter Bunny pictures done. Thankfully my kids do not freak out at all with either the Easter bunny or Santa, so the pictures are always great. They really had a good time especially since we went to the park inside the mall following the picture and I let the boys play for a while, they had a blast! This summer is going to be wonderful, my goal is to have the boys totally swimming on their own by the end of it. Kiale was close last year so hopefully they will catch on pretty quick.
Her Easter bow I made to go with her dress


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