Kinda Quiet

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life has been kinda quiet this week and I have to admit so have I. We are back into our usual routine and as much as I like having routines it does make life go just that much faster. I was thinking while I was taking the boys to school this morning and I realized that time goes so much faster with the kids in school. Before the boys were school age the days and weeks went so much slower... now they just fly by. Do you realize that my daughter is going to be eight months old in two weeks, that is right I said 8!!! months!!! old!!! do you realize how old that is?! that is just 4 months shy of the big 1 year!! it is just not possible. Time just goes so fast, and it is so incredibly depressing... not to mention that my little KJ will be turning 6 years old in 4 months as well... I don't think I am liking the thought of September coming around. I realize that I am very VERY blessed to have had three pregnancies with three wonderfully healthy babies that have grown to be healthy, loving, and fun kids... but its still hard to except the fact that they do get older and one day (a very long way away) they will grow and move out... oh well thats life. My sister is turning 17 tomorrow... crazyness!!


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