Not Me! Monday

Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Yay! Not Me! Monday has returned!! So now I can share all of the things I didn't do this past week!

On Monday I was not in complete denial about Cayleigh-Grace attempting to pull herself up onto everything in sight and reach in attempt to stand up. I did not instruct her that she was not allowed to stand up until Mommy got her new camera in the mail. I then was not ecstatic when she finally did full pull herself up onto a standing position on Friday only hours after receiving said new camera!
I did not wine and complain the entire week about not having a camera and I did not fuss particularly about not being able to photograph those two new top teeth that Cayleigh-Grace cut. (look at the picture they are there)

I did not thank my husband over, and over, and over again for spending 10hours on the computer trying to find me the "perfect" camera... I did not then act like a brat when I didn't like it right away. I then did not have to make it up to my husband and assure him that I really do love the camera he picked out for me. I did not tell him over and over how much I love and and how much better it is than my previous camera. I am not in awe over this camera since I would have never been able to get shots like this without them being blurry with my previous camera.
I did not forget sunscreen when we went to the Powder Puff football game on Saturday and we all did not get a little "sun kissed" as I call it. I also did not forget a hat for my sweet nearly bald baby (she does have some hair I promise :) !) Thankfully you couldn't even tell we had got a little too much sun by Sunday morning. I am not very proud of my sister Dixie who did an awesome job during Powder Puff, and I am not proud of her boyfriend who was one of the coaches! For those of you who do not know what Powder Puff football is the girls play the football/flag football and the boys do the cheerleading!!
I was not ecstatic when I noticed that my wonderful hydrangeas are fixing to bloom!!
I do not have an overwhelming amount of house work to do today since I refused to do anything other than clean my floors over the weekend. I am not dreading spending the day cleaning...

Oh, and by the way Cayleigh-Grace did not turn 8 months old on Sunday, because that would mean that time is going by way to fast and she is getting so big, but she isn't so its okay.


Jennifer said...

Enjoyed reading your "not me's"! Your kids are too cute!!

Julia said...

hopped over from MckMama's blog!! great post!! your little ones are too cute. and that little baldy... wow!! ;)

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