A much needed break

Sunday, May 31, 2009

You know, you don't really realize how stressed and just how much you need a break from reality until you finally get one. I came home from the beach yesterday feeling like a totally different woman, even today I am feeling so much better then I have in weeks. This day trip for us was so much fun. It was the kids and I (KS had to work, and has no interest in beach trips) My parents, sisters, and my sister's boyfriend Dylan. I cannot wait until next weekend when we get to do it all again!!! Who knows maybe next weekend KS will be able to join us.

I can honestly say that I am the happiest now that I have been in years, I truly feel like our family is complete... things just cannot get any better than this.
Kiale can swim now, well underwater, he loves it. He wasn't a fan of the ocean and preferred the pool, but he still had a wonderful time.

Colin on the other hand throughly enjoyed the ocean and would rather been down there then at the pool.

Boy, do I love these kids! I am one lucky momma to have been blessed with the three of them!
This was Cayleigh-Grace's first time to the beach and to a pool, and I have to admit my little water bug loved every minute of it! She wasn' t so sure about things at first and was quite clingy and a little fussy at times but she was wonderful.

Cayleigh-Grace does not like the ocean... see I have the pictures to prove it!
After we got back home we met up with my husband, the non-beach-loving person that he is at the club that we belong to and had fried fish and fried gator tail for dinner. The boys were even able to catch a toad! (Yes, I realize they are a bit sunkissed... it happens)
The perfect end to a perfect day


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