Colin's Very Late Checkup

Monday, June 15, 2009

Well my baby boy is quickly becoming quite the little big man. He now weighs 42lbs and I 3ft 4.5in tall. I cannot believe how big he is getting, he now out weighs his older brother by 2lbs. We always knew that would happen we just didn't think it would happen this fast. (Although if you were to ask some family members they would be surprised that it took him this long to overtake Kiale in weight.)It still amazes me how fast time truly flies... Colin is almost 4 and a half and he will be starting K-4 in August. Wow... He got 2 of the 4 immunizations done and out of the way... I figure I will get the other 2 done in the next month or so, I'm not all that worried about it.

You know I sit back at the end of the day and I find myself wondering/worrying that he is slipping through the cracks. He is the quietest of our three, and also the one that needs the least. Cayleigh-Grace is of course attached to my hip most of the time, and Kiale just seems to always be there wanting to know what I am doing and whats going on and if he isn't with me he is always with Colin. We wanted to have them 18months apart so they would have a close relationship and so they would always have someone, and that is exactly what we got. Those two boys are inseparable, were one is the other is either there as well or is pulling up the rear. I just worry that Colin and I are just not close enough, he is so close to both Kiale's and we don't relate very well to each other. He always comes to me for extra snuggles and TONS of hugs and kisses throughout the day... literally every time I turn around that boys is asking for a kiss and a hug, I just love it! He is truly my love bug that has been one of his nicknames all throughout his life. He has either been called, Hunter Bug, Buggie, Love Bug, or our little Snuggle Bug (catch a pattern here?). He is just so sweet and loving. I love that little guy so much... I just hope I am a good enough Mom to him.


Amanda, Kevin, and Landon said...

I'm sure you're an amazing mother to him. His nicknames are too cute. I call Landon either Landon Love or Love Bug!

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