Worried about my girl...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well Cayleigh-Grace is sick... the sickest she has ever been in her 9 months here with us that is. She has been running a fever for about 30+ hours now. She seems to be just a constant 101+ I took her to the doctor yesterday and she said that she has pink eye in both eyes, plus the fever. She gave me a script for what is basically Motrin and then one for eye drops. I am starting to get worried that she is getting dehydrated though since she only peed a VERY little bit in her diaper last night. She isn't eating well at all, the equivalent of one banana yesterday and a handful of puffs. She is still nursing like a champ, but I think I am going to try to nurse her ever 1.5-2 hours today to try and keep her hydrated. She isn't really wanting the drink the Pedialyte stuff that I bought her yesterday. She also had diarrhea yesterday and she has a nasty cough on top of everything else. The poor girl just seems to be falling apart.

She spent the entire night sleeping in her Daddy's arms on the couch last night. We were too worried to let her sleep in her bed. I just hope she starts getting better soon... She is playing in her room right now. She isn't being cranky or anything thankfully. All she is really doing is being a bit more clingy than usual but that is to be expected. Well, off to my sweet sick girl.


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