Happy Father's Day

Sunday, June 21, 2009

First of all I would like to say "Happy father's Day to all you Dads out there." You know, I don't usually talk about my husband too much on here, but I have to admit he is one amazing Dad. We found out we were pregnant with Kiale on February 2nd of 2003. He was trying to go to college and I was just trying to finish out my senior year of high school. We had been dating for two years and engaged for 1 month. I was in absolute hysterics and he just had the most elated look on his face. He couldn't have been happier. Neither of us were happy about the timing of the pregnancy but as I have said I don't think I had ever seen him that happy. He took me in his arms that night and held me and comforted me as I cried and cried. I was 17, and a Mom. I felt in no way was I ready for all of hell that was about to ensue (and trust me those next few months were hell, I have blocked the majority of it from my memory.) KS took it all in; he was ready to be a father, and to be the kind of dad that his father was to him. You see I never met KS's dad... well I did when I was very little, 4 or so, but I do not remember. He died in a motorcycle accident June 4th of 2000, 2 months before I met Kiale, and 7 months before we started dating.

At 20 to Kiale
At 22 to Colin Hunter
At 25 to Cayleigh-Grace
KS has been such a wonderful father to our children. He is an excellent father and a wonderful husband. He works so hard to try and provide for our family, working 45+ hours a week and 6 days a week and always coming home from work with a back that will not un-knot and cease from hurting. All that he does he does for us, to give us a roof over our heads and food on our table. His job is FAR from easy on his body, but he takes it and frequently pushes the pain aside; even when that means spending hours and hours leaning over the front of a vehicle to work on the engine. He is such a wonderful man and I am beyond blessed to be able to call him my husband, and soul mate. I love him dearly and I always will.

I love you Honey, Happy Father's Day your are truly one amazing man! Thank you so much for dealing with the teasing about dating a "15 year old kid" during your senior year, and thank you for standing by me when we became pregnant with Kiale. So frequently it goes the other way and the "dads" skip out and are never heard from again. You stepped up to the plate and have never backed down. Thank you for all of your hard work, even though I may not seem appreciative 100% of the time, I really am. Thank you for being who you are (stubborn or not) you are the perfect man for you and the perfect father to your three beautiful children. I could not have asked for a better life. God has really done well knitting this family together. I know I tell you all the time but...

I love you honey,


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