Here and Loving it!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hi everyone!!! We finally have internet, actually we got it last week but I have been slacking so I am just now getting to blog again. We have been in our home for two weeks now and I love it. I finally got around to getting the majority of our pictures up and thanks to KS we were unpacked within 3 days of us getting the house. I will say this that man is awesome at unpacking and putting things away. Without him I think I would still be unpacking today. Being with KS again and being a whole family is wonderful no doubt about that. The boys are adjusting great and are both in school now. Cayleigh-Grace is same as usual just blossoming into a little girl now, the baby about her is almost gone. The drive over here went wonderfully thanks to my awesome dad who drove for 12 hours two days straight. The dogs even did great. They were in the crate in the back of the truck for the majority of the time. Overall it was a wonderful trip and it has been a wonderful two weeks in our new home.


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